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wireless charging

In 2009, I started with the team at Fulton Innovation as an R&D engineer working on wireless charging under the foremost inventor in wireless charging, David Baarman. Over the course of the next 4 years, the technology was brough from concept to reality with the technology launching in smartphones, cars, restaurants, and chipsets around the world. Unfortunately the company decided to sell the existing patent portfolio in 2013, after which I continued incorporating the technology in several applications.

My role within Fulton included both the advancement of wireless charging solutions with more positional freedom, leading the booth development for CES 2011, and helping to manage the ideation process and patent portfolio of over 800 international patents. In addition, I lead the development of two-way wireless charging enabling wireless powershare for Samsung smartphones and others.

Then in 2018, I was given the chance to re-enter the ecosystem as the senior development engineer at Inductive Intelligence. As their first full-time employee, the co-founders tasked me with taking their conceptual prototypes of dual-purpose induction power and creating a commercialized design. This design was able to charge Qi compatible phones but also deliver induction power to heatable devices and packages such as coffee mugs, bakeware, and low-cost recyclable food packaging.

After 6 years of inventing, designing, refining, marketing, and launching numerous iterations of wireless charging technologies, I find myself consistently working on the leading edge of the technology and cannot wait to see where my next opportunity will come.

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