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Work Experience

Senior Development Engineer, Inductive Intelligence


As the first full-time employee and Lead Designer, I wore a lot of hats. Engineering team manager, manufacturing support and sourcing, project management, embedded hardware and software, office barista (drip coffee, sometimes fresh), and the list goes on...

But my proudest achievements were the advancement of a technology from proof-of-concept to market ready and the creation of a Culture of Excellence amongst a high-achieving team.

Electrical Design Engineer, Avasure

Lead Electrical Design engineer for a hospital patient monitoring system. Designed a single-board Android powered computer with multiple high speed busses, integrated power and connectivity (Wifi, Ethernet with POE++, Bluetooth, NFC, and a touchscreen), and resolved several longstanding quality issues with existing designs

Electrical Engineer, Amway

Several roles including R&D, product development, reliability and product validation, and product warranty and after-sales service.

Majority of my tenure was spent advancing Wireless Charging Technologies including the launch of the Qi 1.0 standard, product launches with partner organizations, and supporting a patent portfolio of >100 patents

Electrical Engineer, Johnson Controls

Staff Engineering supporting hardware designs for hands-free Telematics systems for Automotive. Wireless radios included Bluetooth, Cellular, and Wifi. Also worked on power supply design, audio controls, and CAN bus



Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Calvin College

Masters of Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Grand Valley State University

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