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Regulatory testing and certifications can be one of the more painful periods of new product development. Testing failures can force you to redesign your product, usually very late in your project, at considerable cost with repeated delays. And troubleshooting failures often feels like you’re chasing a rabbit down a never ending tunnel. Avoiding this regulatory trap is not easy to do, fortunately years of product certifications have educated me on many techniques for quickly resolving and even preventing these failure modes.

FCC part 15 radiated test failure

I have done extensive EMC testing and resolved numerous challenging failure modes. I have shepherded product designs through numerous EMC testing standards including FCC part 15, part 18, CISPR, and ICNRP. In the process, I’ve built several of my own test setups to mimic the certified test setups as a means to test earlier in the design process at a reduced cost. I’ve also worked on ESD testing and design controls, creepage and clearance requirements for high voltage AC and DC, flammability and mechanical requirements, and and built an automated tester for IEC 61000 power line immunity.

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