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Fulton Innovation

My time at Fulton Innovation included projects such as Wireless Charing for phones and laptops, a Tesla Roadster, printed electronics powered by the shelf they were sitting on, and the original prototype for wireless powersharing

Testing and Validation

In 2014 I moved into product validation and testing and built multiple custom test stands. These included a hydraulic life cycle tester for plumbing fixtures, an electrical surge tester, and an environmental chamber for a remote site in Malaysia

Patient Monitoring Systems

After moving back into product development I was given the chance to design the electronics for a new patient monitoring system for hospitals. With 7 custom PCBAs that managed power delivery (AC, battery, and POE+), display controls, multiple wireless radios (802.11ac, BLE, and NFC), and custom lighting effects, there was no shortage of work for the sole EE on the project

Wireless Charging Part Deux

Was able to take a proof-of-concept for an induction heating platform to a market-ready solution that combined wireless charging, induction heating, NFC identification, and IoT data collection into a universal platform for consumer goods.

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