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internet of things

The “Internet of Things”. Hey I didn't come up with the name. I suppose it's hard to find a good name for a global network of servers, computers, and smartphones running multiple operating systems and programs written in dozens of languages often managed by Artificial Intelligence networks that automate the most complex operations – and that rely on data gathered by 8-bit microcontrollers and sensors that cost less than a cup of coffee.

Unpacking all this tech can be overwhelming but fortunately there are a lot of great tools for bringing it all together. A big challenge along the way is often the low cost hardware the collects the data. Though these “things” seem insignificant, they start the whole chain of data flow and can have big impacts on the value proposition of any IoT platform.

My past work in IoT includes developing on the Espressif and Digi platforms with backend data collection in AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. My work in multiple wireless radio technologies such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular, NFC, and RFID are valuable when trying to connect a platform to a network. I have also spent some time in Industrial IoT interfacing with PLCs and industrial networks. And I’d love to see what kind things we can come up with together.

After all, there really never was an internet without the “things”...

Digi XBEE3 NB-IoT module - very cool plug and play module for cellular edge-node data collection. Just one of several hardware platforms I've worked on

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