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Hardware design

Hardware Design has been a part of nearly every project I've worked on throughout my career. I've worked on high-speed digital circuits, switch-mode power supplies, 250VAC power circuits, PCB antennas, and nearly everything in between.

I've been trained in:

- Simulation techniques including Pspice, LTspice, MATLAB, Monte-Carlo Analysis

- FMEA for Design, Manufacturing, and Process disciplines

- Eagle, Cadence, and Altium schematic and layout tools including IPC CID certification

I've designed circuits on materials including:

- Rigid FR4

- Flex on polyimide

- Rigid-Flex

- Rigid CHEM4

- printable and hot foil stamped circuits


Design complexities ranged:

- 2 to 8 layer boards

- high speed (giga-bit) busses such as PCIe and USB 3.0

- complex mechanical interfaces for multiboard and flexible PCBs

- harsh environments

- 2kW AC-powered designs

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