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The Moetion Mentality

At Moetion, my job is to make the complex look simple.

You wouldn't start building a home without a blueprint. So why would you launch a new product without a system plan? Unfortunately, product development teams regularly do this. They divide and conquer then deliver to a set of isolated design constraints resulting in redundant functionality, interface mismatch, and component selection based on cost and not value. This causes reengineering mid project, schedule delays, and cost overruns.

The maximum value of each component in a complex system is reached by properly defining the product blueprint and identifying the key features and critical interfaces. Those features are then mapped to building blocks based on their ability to deliver solutions most efficiently. Heat isn't just a mechanical problem, pinouts aren't just a hardware problem, bugs aren't just a software problem, and regulatory testing isn't just something you think about later. By establishing a system architecture first, each subassembly has the opportunity to solve challenges beyond their typical functions.


Innovation isn't just about great ideas, its about pushing yourself to think beyond the conventional wisdom. Value can be created with every keystroke.

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